He is the Fourth Norwegian to win the most prestigious award in world literature.

His Initial Famous Plays 


His immense literary collection has variety of genres such as: 

Green Star


Tells the story of a young couple, expecting a child, who move in with the woman's parents, with failures in communication as a consequence.

'Namnet' - The Name

Green Star


It tells the story of a young couple who just had their first child.

'Natta syng sine songar' - Nightsongs

Green Star


The narrative is set at a graveyard before a funeral in which a man and a woman who once loved each other meet in a graveyard.

'Draum om hausten' - Dream of Autumn

Green Star


It is rooted in the familiar aspects of suicide, although nicely moulds its premise into a quasi-poetic, philosophical reflection on dying and death.

Dødsvariasjonar - Death Variations 

His Recent works


His magnus opus in prose is considered to be the late Septology, which he completed in 2021

Green Star


It follows the lives of two men living close to each other on the west coast of Norway.

Det andre namnet - The Other Name

Green Star


It is an interesting novel about love, art, God, friendship, and the passage of time.

'Eg er ein annan' - I is Another

Green Star


A Catholic convert, like Fosse himself, Asle is grappling with time, art and identity

Eit nytt namn - A New Name